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The major factor in helping villagers succeed after relocation from refugee camps is a thriving agriculture system. This includes repaired or reconstructed irrigation water sources, animal repopulation, fertilizer and seeds. Animals needed include chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, mules and donkeys. CFK will use funds from donations such as Heifer Projects International and other donors to implement this program. At present CFK funds this project from designated contributions.

One or two agricultural volunteers will live in the city of Dohuk in an urban but not modern setting. Their work will be in villages. A qualified volunteer may teach at the Agricultural College of Dohuk University. All of the Agricultural projects will be assigned to volunteers and they will plan a program that allows rotation through the various projects. This is hard and strenuous work in areas open to military operations. Only healthy and vigorous applicants need apply.

CFKs honeybee project was begun with funds from Heifer Projects International. Matching funds came from a church foundation totaling $45,000. Workers are needed who could make visits to the farmer recipients to follow up and to assist them in getting the bees off to a healthy start. Prior training is not required although it would be of great value.

CFK seeks to assist farmers with seeds and brooder animals when funds are available. Volunteers should bring support funds with which to carry out their projects. A pair of goats, sheep, or a single working donkey or mule can cost from $150 to $250.

Agriculture volunteers will be asked to improve farm roads with village laborers, to build and improve irrigation aqueducts, to advise farmers on modern innovations where applicable, and to find needs within the village agriculture systems where CFK can make a meaningful contribution.




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