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Target Population - 1,500,000

The population of Dohuk province is in excess of 1,500,000 in urban centers. They constitute the poorest of the poor. Poor roads, no communication with the outside world, difficulty in administering aid in remote mountains, and abject poverty makes a big problem.

CFK estimates that two months winter food ration is needed for our refugees. The World Food Program support has been interrupted so CFK is proposing that our funds be used. Justification for this food support is the impossibility of villagers to sustain themselves in the village during the winter if food is not provided. Due to delays in funds for shelter construction, the demands on the village laborers for construction and not agriculture, and extreme poverty, CFK must provide a minimum of two months support to enable the farmers to stick it out in the village and to begin their agriculture activities. CFK will meet this need from designated contributions.




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