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CFK is keen to provide help and assistance to people in need and to provide suitable employment opportunities and guide the people to exercise their lives better.

CFK find in the areas where the poor people suffering from the disease, and have no breadwinner. And give to those families what they needs, and share with them their grief. And is keen on bringing joy to the hearts of those families,


Zuhair father of two children and has a wife. Live in a small house consisting of one room. He suffers from hard circumstances. It was all his life misery. Spent his youth in the war and then captured in Iran for several years. And then returned to Dohuk and the case was difficult from the effects of the embargo. He traveled to Baghdad and began working in a factory, then because of terrorism he left his work and returned to Dohuk and now he does not have anything.
FK has visited him in his home and bought him all the needs of the house and presented him with food, and celebrated Christmas with him and gave him the book of life (the Bible) to be the source of hope and happiness to him all the time.


Poles, father of two children. He suffers from a chronic illness is an imbalance in the work of the milk gland, and he loss the sight in one eye, and the nerve was affected due to poor health care and lack of medicine. Now he suffers from headaches, and loss of control of some members of his body. Poles suffered throughout his life, he spent years of his life in captivity in Iran, and now he leaved Baghdad and came to village because of terrorism, and suffer from health and difficult living conditions .
CFK has visited the village in which the home, and became acquainted with his problems and suffering, and I gave him some assistance it needs.


Children are Godsend, so we have to nurture and provide them with everything they need to grow up to be able to work and rebuild their lives themselves. And also to be children of God and serve the God name of all their strength.
And our mission to provide care and aid for children who do not have dependents, as Jesus said (Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such of these.)



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